Manual coffee machine “Kazak Rota”

Manual coffee machine “Kazak Rota”


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Manual coffee machine”Kazak Rota”.

All “Kazak Rota” made by turning and milling processings. No small fragile parts.
Very convenient in quick disassembly and Assembly for cleaning, washing and transportation.
Each product is carefully checked for leaks.
100 % control of the making coffee process with the help to the built-in pressure gauge.
With the help of coffee maker “Kazak Rota” you can prepare delicious espresso coffee at work in the office, in nature, in mountain hikes and travels.

Technical characteristics of Kazak Rota
– 1 Rota coffee maker”
– 1 stand
– 1 glass Cup
– 1 kribli-grabli
– 1 temper AL 51.6 mm

Dimensions :
Height with handle-340 mm
Height without handle-300.5 mm
Diameter-95 mm
Diameter with pressure gauge-130 mm
The weight of 1614 grams
Weight with a set (temper+rake+ glass Cup) – 2270 grams
Basket capacity-14-16 grams
Drink yield – up to 40 grams

Materials :
– bronze
– stainless steel
– polyacetal

Colors available :

– Black

-Gray (sand-blasting)