Podium ” KAZAK”

Podium ” KAZAK”


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Podium “KAZAK” is designed to work together with sharpeners Kazak, Kazak UBR, Kazak PRO. Podium “Kazak” is not designed and can not work with a sharpener Kazachok.
The Kazak podium is made of durable black Polyacetal plastic. It has four brass legs. Each leg is equipped with an anti-slip cushion. The podium has 2 brass screws with which the heel of the sharpener is attached.
With  15 mm high podium legs, a heavy steel plate can be attached to the bottom of the podium to increase the weight of the podium, if necessary.
Weight: 950 grams
Width: 160 mm
Depth: 200 mm
Height of the podium with legs: 33 mm
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